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Taste the Tradition, Savor the Flavor

Indulge in a Virginia barbecue experience anywhere in the U.S. with Doughtie's Classic Barbecue. Taste the tradition, savor the flavor.


As a family-owned barbecue brand, we have passionately shared our irresistible barbecue for over 70 years. We believe that great barbecue is more than just food - it's an experience. Whether you're gathering with friends and family to celebrate a special occasion or simply indulging in a delicious easy meal, our bbq is designed to bring people together in hopes that they can create lasting memories.


Doughtie's Classic Barbecue is available in select Virginia grocery retailers and on menus at independent restaurants throughout the Old Dominion. No worries if you live outside of Virginia, Doughtie's Classic Barbecue is available by mail order and ships anywhere in the Continental U.S. Send someone you love a flavor memory! Give the gift of barbecue for any special occasion. Click here to order!


Join the Doughtie's family and embark on a culinary journey where passion, flavor and community converge. Follow our Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn pages for updates, contests, mouthwatering photos, and creative recipe ideas.

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