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Savoring Fourth of July Memories: Exploring the Charms of Doughtie's Classic Barbecue

As Fourth of July approaches, memories of fireworks, family gatherings and mouth watering delicacies come rushing back. For many, the celebration would not be complete without indulging in a quintessential tradition - savoring the tantalizing flavor of Doughtie’s Classic Barbecue. Renowned for its unique regional flavor, Doughtie’s has left a lasting impression on Hampton Roads locals for over 70 years.

Your Fourth of July celebration can be infused with the irresistible aroma and taste of Doughtie’s Classic Barbecue. Drop-in to select Virginia grocery retailers, Food Lion, Kroger or Harris Teeter, and pick-up one or more packages of this delectable vinegar-based pulled pork barbecue. Or you can order directly from our website and we’ll ship it to your front door. Click here to order our six pound Memory Lane case.

Imagine sinking your teeth into tender,slow-cooked pork that has been meticulously seasoned and roasted for 12 hours, resulting in a harmonious blend of smoke and spices. Pair it with classic sides like hush puppies, coleslaw, and cornbread, and you have a complete feast that embodies the spirit of Fourth of July celebrations.

As you gather with loved ones this Fourth of July, let the memories of past celebrations mingle with the tantalizing flavors of Doughtie’s Classic Barbecue. From the warm embrace of the summer sun to the lingering taste of vinegary pulled pork, these moments stay etched in our hearts. Doughtie’s Classic Barbecue encapsulates the spirit of this patriotic holiday, bringing people together to revel in the irresistible combination of good food, great company, and an enduring sense of tradition.




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