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How Do You Do Your Doughtie's Barbecue?
Doughtie's Classic Barbecue Chili
Super Bowl Sunday - Plan Your Party Now!
The Legacies of Our Grandfathers
Barbecue, verb or noun?


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How Do You Do Your Doughtie's Barbecue?

How do you do your Doughtie's Barbecue?

The very best feature ofDoughtie's Classic Barbecueis it's flavor.  Consistently flavorful - tangy and vinegary with just a mild kick of red pepper and a hint of sweetness, you can count our Doughtie's Classic to bring you that tradition of N.C./Eastern Va style - vinegar based pork barbecue.  

The feature that runs a close second to it's flavor, is the convenience you gain in preparing a delicious meal for your family or a crowd.

Doughtie's Classic Barbecue Chili

The Doughtie's family loves their 'que served the old fashioned way - on a soft bun with a pile of fresh cole slaw and a few dashes ofTexas Pete.  Here recently though we've been exploring other ways to use this classic barbecue. 

One cold afternoon, I wanted to make chili but had no ground beef in the frig.  I had no interest in venturing out into the bitter cold air ofJanuary in Tidewater, VA(of course it was 70 degrees the next day - typical).  So, this being the barbecue house and all, I decided to throw in a little left over classic 'que and see what would happen.

Super Bowl Sunday - Plan Your Party Now!

Super Bowl Sunday is February 3, 2013!   
Add Doughtie’s Classic Barbecue 
  to your party menu!    
Order before January 28, 2013 
to ensure delivery before the BIG GAME!!!!!       
Buy Doughtie’s Classic Pork Barbecue 

Hand-pulled & Hand-packed 
This classic arrives at your door frozen.  Just thaw and it’s ready to heat and serve. 
Shipping via UPS ground or 2nd Day air (where applicable) is always FREE!

The Legacies of Our Grandfathers

Whatever you call him, Granddad, Pappy, Pop, Grandpa, if you've been blessed to have a loving grandfather, you have had treasure in your life.  My grandfather,  Pappy, was quite the character.  Most remember him as the grumpy old fellow chain smoking and watching game shows.  He could be a crotchety old guy, but for me, Pappy was instrumental in filling my childhood with security and joy.  You see, we lived together.  I was his youngest granddaughter, the daughter of his youngest daughter.

Barbecue, verb or noun?

Barbecue, verb or noun?  For those of us from the S.E. Virginia/North Carolina region it’s most definitely a noun and a delicious one at that.  It’s a delectable vinegar-based chopped pork served on a soft bun or not, with coleslaw or not, with Texas Pete or not or just straight-up pork on a plate – and it’s so darn good!  How do you like your barbecue?
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